Appliance 101 | Fridge and Dishwasher



When you hear the term "built-in"  refrigerator it is being referred to as a cabinet depth-24" deep and typical sizes 36", 42", and 48". They may have a stainless steel front or cabinet door front. They are more visually appealing than the standard refrigerator and most common in new homes. A down size is cost and size- they don't have as much cubic footage as a standard depth fridge. If you want it to fit in as seamlessly as possible, your best option is a built in. Another option is to build a standard depth fridge into a pocket created into the wall behind the fridge into the space and hiding the depth. This can give more of a built-in look without the cost and loosing the space. Also- adding extra cooling drawers and ice-makers can make up for some of the space you may loose. Here are some great options.


Standard Size 24" wide

When it comes to dishwashers, the cost tends to go up as you choose a quieter unit. On some brands, a cabinet trim panel can be used if you don't want to see the front and would like the dishwasher to look integrated in the cabinetry. You may also choose a drawer style washer. These seem to work better as an add on or secondary if you have the space in an island or butler's pantry for parties and entertaining. Generally, our clients are happier with a standard unit washer.