Are Pot Fillers Worth The Expense In A New Kitchen Design or Remodel?

Pot fillers reduce having to move large pots of water from the sink to the cooktop

We Often Get Questions on pot fillers when designing new kitchens and kitchen renovations. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of having a Pot Filler. We will look at the disadvantages in an upcoming article.

You love cooking a big pot of pasta bolognese for your whole family, but filling an enormous pot with water and lugging it across your kitchen can be just as difficult as getting the correct amount of garlic in the sauce. A popular way of solving this problem is adding a pot filler faucet to the backsplash behind your cooktop.

A pot filler faucet is mounted behind your range. It has a flexible cold water supply arm that stretches allowing the tap reach any pot on your cooktop enabling you to fill pots with ease. Some come with two taps so you can further eliminate drips you don't want near your stove. Pot fillers are often added during a kitchen remodel or "facelift" if your kitchen layout has the sink an uncomfortable distance from your cooktop. Such an addition offers several advantages and not just for getting your spaghetti boiling quickly.

Fill Pots Fast and Save Time

Besides filling big pots, a pot filler as part of your kitchen design, frees up the faucet at the kitchen sink so you can wash vegetables, rinse potatoes or clean a few stray dishes all while getting water into the large pots you need. Chefs always need to be multi-tasking and having a pot filler is almost like having another set of arms.

Stop Lifting 40 Pound Pots Of Water

Since water weighs a bit over 8 pounds per gallon, a large stock pot can hold 4 to 5 gallons of water. That’s a lot of liquid to haul across the kitchen floor. Even if you can lift it, that kind of task can strain your wrists, back, and arms. A kitchen design that includes a pot filler helps protect you from straining something or hurting yourself. Without a pot filler, you may end up ferrying water from your sink in multiple trips, wasting time and energy.

Pot Fillers Add to Your Kitchen Design

Pot filler faucets add a sleek, sophisticated look to your kitchen along with being helpful. They are mounted either on the countertop just like a regular kitchen faucet or on the wall. When you are not using it, the pot filler folds up to the wall, so it is out of the way. An addition like this helps visitors to your kitchen know you are serious about cooking and the equipment needed. Your kitchen design professional can help you pick out the perfect faucet to complement your décor.

So, whether you're renovating your home, building a new house or designing and remodeling a new kitchen, consider including a pot filler faucet in your design. The additional cost will not significantly add to your overall budget and will add value to your home. It will also add a value that’s not measured in money.

The time saved and the ease of use, you will feel like you have an extra set of hands helping your cook for your friends and family. With this time-saving help, all you have to focus on is getting just the right ingredients into your famous pasta bolognese.


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