Custom Closet Design Ideas for A Master Suite Bedroom and Bath

Custom Walk-in Closet Design For Master Suites

No Master Suite is Complete Without A Fabulous Custom Closet. Here's how to create yours!

When it comes to organizing your home, your closets play a significant role. And no closet in your home is as important as the one in your master suite. Learn how to layout a master suite closet space and adding a closet organization system. Whether a walk-in closet is designed specifically for a unique space or improving your master closet with a pre-made system, our tips can help you to create the closet of your dreams.

An organized master suite closet can speed up the time it takes to prepare for work in the morning and keep all of your belongings organized. If it's large enough for a dressing table and mirror or an island, you create a retreat where you can feel relaxed and comfortable as you prepare for your day or evening!

Organizing your master closet can be the foundation to an organization plan for your entire home. When you start and end your days in an organized space, it can have a domino effect in how you address your storage needs throughout your entire home, from the basement to the attic!

Let's look at some custom closet ideas for your master suite that can get you on the way to creating a relaxed, organized master suite.

Defining Your Needs

Begin by evaluating your master suite closet. What do you like and what isn't working? This can help you to identify the needs for your space and then to work in design solutions to resolve issues and make your space more user-friendly.

Think about who will use the space most often. A well-designed space should be intuitive for the person, or persons who us it most. For example, in a couple, the wife may have specific preferences for the space, but if it is to be shared, they may need to be flexible. A well-designed system will take into account the needs of the primary users to create a solution.

Also, think about your goals for your walk-in closet. How do you want it to change your life? This can help to personalize your goals. Work with a dedicated budget and make your design decisions to support your goals. Take a long-term look to give you flexibility when choosing add-on features if you need to in the future as your lifestyle or needs change.

Building Your Master Suite Space

Custom closet design can be easier if you start by first defining your needs, then taking a look at the physical items you'll need to store and the amenities you want to add like benches, mirrors, and islands if you have the space. Let's look at some of the elements you'll want to address as you design your dream master suite closet.

How To Turn a Small Room Into A Walk-in Closet

Know how much space you'll need for clothing
This is the most important aspect! Will you be storing clothes n hanging racks, on shelves or both? Do you have lots of sweaters that will need to be stored folded, or shirt, blouses, and jackets that need to be hung? Remember, you'll need at least 24-inches in depth for hanging so plan accordingly.

Include the right amount of single and double hang sections to accommodate your wardrobe
Estimate the space you'll need for hanging full-length dresses and coats, and how many half-spaces you'll need for blouses, skirts, and jackets. Do you need to store long winter coats or will they live in another closet? If you have lots of evening dresses and long gowns tally up the space, you'll need and plan accordingly.

If you have the room, consider adding an island
An island is a dream additional for any walk in closet. Make sure you have enough space. You'll need a 36-inch walkway on each side. You can get by with a smaller floor plan if you're willing to sacrifice amenities. This means you'll need at least 10 feet minimum of linear space. If you're planning on adding pull out drawers, the more clearance, the better.

Amenities to consider
You can customize your walk-in closet to fit your needs. Tie racks, shoe racks, storage for belts, dressing tables, benches and mirrors, whatever your needs you can customize the space to fit. Another consideration is lighting. If you are planning on using the space as a dressing area make sure you install lighting that allows you to see the contents of your closet. Full-length mirrors and other amenities like a jewelry drawer can add even more functionality.

To create your perfect master suite closet, start by clearly defining your needs, take your time with the “math” and personalize your plan to include functional luxuries that can meet your needs and you'll create the master closet of your dreams.

At Toulmin Cabinetry and Design we can get you to the closet of your dreams! If you're considering a master closet project, give us a call and let us customize your dream closet! Contact us to get answers to your walk-in closet questions and discuss how to create a highly functional addition to your home.


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