Designing a New Kitchen? Consider Replacing Kitchen Windows

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Designing a New Kitchen? Consider Replacing Kitchen Windows

If you're in the process of designing your new kitchen, it's the perfect opportunity to upgrade your existing kitchen windows. New windows can make your home quieter, improve your home's curb appeal, and reduce drafts. They're easier to clean than old windows with storms and screens, and they can even reduce your carbon footprint.

Kitchen windows are a smart investment, especially if you're already in the planning stages, or process of a renovation. Today, homeowners have many options when it comes to style, function, and performance. In fact, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Toulmin is a retailer of Sierra Pacific Windows because of their quality, best in class warranty and designer options including nine hardwoods and over seventy-five aluminum cladding colors.

Let's look at some things you should consider before you buy replacement windows.

Kitchen Windows 101

If you're considering adding replacement kitchen windows to your project, first do some due diligence to understand all of your options. Today, you have a variety of choices when it comes to the style, the number of panes of glass, levels of energy efficiency and the materials used for replacement windows.

Good windows are durable, easy to clean, provide your home with better security, reduce glare and heat or cooling loss, and help control outside noise. Here are some choice concerning materials:

Wood Windows

Because they are a natural insulator wood windows can contribute to regulating your home's temperature. When properly insulated they can also prevent condensation. Wood windows can be painted or stained to match your home's existing windows. Wood windows do require periodic painting and staining to prevent cracking and rotting. They are a premium product and cost more than vinyl.


Aluminum windows are another popular choice. The are relatively inexpensive, costing slightly more than comparable vinyl windows. They also tend to be a bit more durable than vinyl in warmer climates like Alabama and are commonly found on homes built after around 1960.


Composite windows are made of more than one material. They look like vinyl or wood but are completely different. There are two types of composites to consider; Fiberglass and Fibrex (by Anderson). Fibrex is made with 40% wood fibers giving it the strength of wood and the durability and rot resistance of vinyl.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are popular because they cost less than wood, aluminum, and composite. They're easy to install and are the most cost-effective window out there. Vinyl windows won't ever peel, crack or fade. While the technology has improved, vinyl windows are not as strong as wood and have been known to warp and sag over time. We do not recommend vinyl windows.

Choosing the right material is the first step. When researching window choices look for some specifics.

U-factor or U-value is a measure of the window's efficiency at keeping heat in. Values usually range from .2 to 1.2. The lower the number, the better the window is at keeping in heat. Also, check the window's Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This measures the efficiency at blocking heat from the sun. In warm climates look for the lowest number you can find. In colder climates, a higher SHGC is better.

Consider Your Needs and Situation

When choosing what type of kitchen window fits your style, there are several factors to consider. First is placement. For example, a double hung window over the kitchen sink could be difficult to open easily. A casement window might be a better choice. With a casement, the entire sash rotates out by turning a handle. Make sure you consider the exterior as well. Will the open sash block a walkway? Do you have a herb garden in a window box? If you do, a casement window is not the best choice!

In the kitchen, another consideration is ventilation. If you want a view, but don't need extra ventilation, a fixed window can be a great choice. A Fixed window lets in the light and provides a view, but doesn't open.

Consider the environment as well. Rain, sun and temperature swings can affect your windows performance. In this case, choosing an aluminum or composite window might be the right choice. Environment and window location will also play a role in choosing the proper efficiency rating for your window. For example, if your kitchen receives all-day sun, consider purchasing a window with Low-E glass. This can help to keep the heat and UV rays out while letting in the maximum light. In the winter, Low-E glass can help keep the heat inside for maximum efficiency.

Call Toulmin Cabinetry and Design For Your Kitchen Windows!

Choosing the right window is an important part of the replacement process. Just as important is the installation of your replacement windows. If your windows are improperly installed, their effectiveness may be compromised.

At Toulmin Cabinetry & Design we can help you with every aspect of your replacement windows, from choosing the best material to factoring the highest efficiency and the best style to meet your aesthetic needs. We are experts at the installation of any window.

Replacing your kitchen windows as part of a remodel is a smart cost effective way to add beauty and value to your home. If you're planning a kitchen remodeling in the greater Tuscaloosa area, or throughout Alabama, schedule an appointment to speak with a designer. We're always ready to help!

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