Does An Appliance Suite Offer The Biggest Bang For The Buck?

Are Appliance Suites Worth the Savings When Remodeling A Kitchen? 

A kitchen remodel is an intricate choreography which requires you to make a series of decisions as your project progresses. From flooring and cabinetry to fixtures and appliances, you'll need to consider aesthetics, functionality, and of course, your budget when choosing products and materials.

If you're remodeling your kitchen, you'll most likely be upgrading your appliances. Researching appliances can be a chore. There are so many choices, so many finishes and so many styles that the design process can become a bit overwhelming. one approach to consider is buying by “brand.”

Just about every appliance manufacturer offers appliance suites generally consisting of a refrigerator, range, microwave, and dishwasher. It's one way to cut down the time spent choosing appliances, and most manufacturers offer appliance suites at various price points – for example, GE now offer the Monogram, GE Café, GE Profile, and GE lines of appliances.

Buying from a single brand offers several benefits. These include knowing that your appliances will work perfectly together, a design with a unified look, and manufacturers often provide rebates when you buy a package from a single manufacturer. However, it's your kitchen so you should buy what you like and will use. Be aware that each brand offers different features, options, handle styles and shades, and finishes of stainless steel.

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

If you're planning a chef’s kitchen and you have no budget constraints, buying individual appliances can be exciting. You can have the 48-inch Viking Stove, Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer, and the Bosch dishwasher you've always wanted. However, for most homeowners on a budget, a professional chef's kitchen is an unnecessary extravagance. Your budget can be better allocated in cabinetry and a stone countertop. Choosing an appliance suite to meet your needs and budget is a smarter choice.

Most manufacturers offer higher-end appliance suites that can give you all of the features you want and need, at an affordable price point.

Choosing An Appliance Suite

Appliance packages are relatively new, first becoming popular around 15 years ago. They offer homeowners several benefits.

One of the significant benefits of buying all of your appliances from the same manufacturer and model family is aesthetics. Different series will often have different handles, different shades of stainless and different styles.

While aesthetics are important in your kitchen design, for most homeowners, it's all about the budget. Rebates, special promotions, and other pricing advantages are a huge part of the appliance business. At times, you can find incentives as high as 30 – 35% of the actual product value. However, you typically have to buy two or more pieces from the same manufacturer.

There's one time when it might not make sense to purchase an appliance suite. If you have an “integrated” kitchen where most of the appliances are paneled to match the cabinetry, so there is no aesthetic advantage. If you are looking to mix and match professional look premium appliances, like a Gaggenau range, with a Sub-Zero fridge, you will not see any discount or rebate, so make sure to set your budget properly.

The main factor when choosing your appliances is to buy what you like. Whether it's an upgraded stove or a super-quiet dishwasher, you should buy what you want regardless of rebates. However, in most cases, when you do your homework, you'll probably find that in terms of both aesthetics and discounts, an appliance suite is the way to go.

The Difference In Appliance Suite Packages

The best package prices can change as often as monthly as rebates, holiday promotions, and special offers can affect prices throughout the year. As you look at appliance suites what you notice is that the range and refrigerators change and the price increase as you add options. The dishwashers tend to get quieter and add a few features as you move up in price. The microwaves tend to remain the same in terms of options.

Prices will also vary based upon the fuel used for the range. For example, as a general rule, gas ranges tend to be slightly pricier than electric. Features like a self-cleaning oven may not be available in lower-priced packages. Other factors that may affect pricing are the kitchen door style – side-by-side, French door, and counter depth refrigerators can also cost a little more.

If you are looking for premium-level appliances, you may be able to see savings by looking out for special offers. A recent promotional appliance suite from Sub-Zero Wolf provides an additional three years of protection when you buy a qualifying appliance suite or, you can choose a $1,000 rebate.  Your kitchen design professionals will often know what special promotions and offers are available. They can work with you to put together the best deals.

The bottom line, for many homeowners, an appliance package makes sense. It will aesthetically balance your kitchen design while providing you with all of the functionality you need, and you'll save money in the process. If you're looking for premium appliances, talk to your design-build contractor. They can often get you a good deal directly from the manufacturer.

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