Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Televisions

Bathroom Television Is Now Common in Master Suites

As the “stay-cation” lifestyle trend continues to grow, homeowners are remodeling with an eye toward creating a relaxing home environment and adding luxurious touches such as outdoor kitchens, wireless indoor/outdoor sound systems, and spa-like bathrooms.

Today, one of the top remodels homeowners are creating is the spa-like bathroom. From heated floors and towel racks to luxurious stone finishes, glass shower enclosures, multiple controllable shower heads, and large soaking tubs, the focus is on creating a relaxing oasis within the home. One fixture that is trending upwards is the bathroom television.

Installing a bathroom TV has become more common in the past few years. Instead of a luxury, homeowners are finding a bathroom TV allows them to save time in the morning and catch up on the news of the day as they prepare for work, or enjoy a relaxing soak and watch a movie at the end of a long day. We all spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom every day so installing a TV can be practical. The most important consideration is purchasing the right set for your needs.

Choosing a TV For A Bathroom

Here are three frequently asked questions we've heard from homeowners considering the addition of a TV in their bathroom remodel.

How big should my bathroom TV be?

When considering a bathroom TV, the first option should be the placement of the unit. Consider where it will be viewed (will you watch while shaving or putting on make-up, or are you more likely to watch from the tub?) and then measure the space. Remember that the size should be proportional to the space and other features in the room. If you considering placing your TV in the shower stall or bathtub enclosure speak with your contractor to help choose the right size.

What about features?

Choose a television that features a wireless remote and can operate at higher temperatures. Many units offer internet connectivity which can enhance the viewer experience and be a real timesaver for checking emails or reading the news while preparing for the day.

Are there any specific concerns when installing a television in the bathroom?

The primary concern is the moisture and potential for spills. Make sure your television is placed away from water sources and that a waterproof covering is employed for additional protection. One great option that allows you to retain the appearance and style of your décor is a mirror TV. It's a very thin device that appears as a mirror when the lights are on, but when they are turned off the TV can be turned on and viewed.

Choosing the perfect bathroom TV

Along with the considerations above, you should ask and answer come specific questions and do your research before settling on a set. Ask yourself:

How much are you willing to spend to have a TV in your bathroom?

Decide on a budget before you start shopping. Waterproof TVs are available in a wide price range depending on the brand, screen size, and features. Knowing your budget can eliminate many choices and can help narrow your search.

What will you watch?

Today TVs are available that feature DVD players, CD players, radios, internet connectivity and more. Consider what media you are most likely to utilize.

Measure the space and find your décor.

A TV that's too large can look tacky, as can an exposed modern TV in a traditional décor. Consider size considerations as well as options like a mirror or hidden TV which can fit into any décor.

What TV features are important to you?

Make a checklist of basic features you're looking for comparable size, where will you watch from, how much weight your walls can support, and of course price range. Do you need a waterproof remote? Many manufacturers do not include a wireless remote, and you may need to pay extra. Make a wish list before you shop.

Compare, check and view a demonstration!

Do your research. Check Consumer Reports and user reviews online. Prices can vary widely based on the brand and features. Compare the major brands and make sure that they offer a liberal service plan and support after the sale. Visit electronics stores and demo your choices. Whenever possible try before you buy!

Bathroom TVs are no longer a luxury item, in fact, homes with televisions in the bathroom are more common that you might think. Whether it's to catch up on the news as you prepare for work, or enjoying a movie in the tub with a glass of wine after work, installing a TV in the bathroom is a worthwhile and affordable pursuit. Be sure to do you homework and work with your contractor or designer to make a perfect choice.


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