Important Considerations for a Master Suite Addition and Remodel

Tips For The Perfect Master Suite Addition To Your Home

One of the most popular projects for homeowners who have lived in their homes for a while is adding a master suite addition to their home. According to a recent report, a master suite addition can return about 53% of its cost when you sell, but a full 88% of homeowners reported that adding a new master suite increased their personal enjoyment and the comfort level of their home.

The price for adding a full master suite addition can vary widely, depending on the region of the country where you live and the finishes you choose. As a guideline, the National Association of Realtors Remodeling Impact Report found that on average, the median price for adding a master suite addition with mid-level finishes and fixtures, and a large bedroom, en suite bathroom and walk-in closet costs around $112,500.

As you begin the process, there are certain considerations you'll need to take into account and several decisions you'll need to make. Here are some factors to consider.

Where Will You Build Your Master Bedroom Addition?

Before you start the formal building planning process, your first consideration should be where your addition will be located. Consider how any addition will relate to your existing landscape, or even if you can build a ground floor addition due to setback issues or other local factors. Consider privacy for both yourself and your neighbors and how any addition will integrate with your homes existing layout.

If you're considering a second story addition, you will need to be mindful concerning your homes structural integrity. Adding a second story may require structural upgrades which can add to costs. You'll also need to consider your homes existing infrastructure including plumbing and electrical. Often if you are adding to your home, your locality may require you to bring your home's existing infrastructure up to the current building codes, which again can add time and expense to your project.

Current trends of aging in place and universal design have many homeowners opting for a ground floor addition. If this is your choice, considerations include outdoor access. Does your property offer stunning ocean or mountain views? If so, make sure any addition you plan takes full advantage, not only for your enjoyment but for the value they add should you ever decide to sell!

Discuss Your Options With Your Design Build Firm

Once you've chosen a location for your addition, discuss your options with your design-build firm. They can inform you of any local zoning considerations, for example, setbacks from property lines, height restrictions or HOA considerations. You may need to present plans before your local zoning commission if, for example, structural changes will be made to your home.

Your design build firm can not only help you with the formal planning, design, and construction of your space; they will understand all of the technical factors involved in taking your project from design, through permitting, planning and construction.

Identify The Important “Lifestyle Elements” and Infrastructure Issues

Your master suite addition is your private oasis away from the stresses of the day. Take time to consider what's important to you and your spouse, for example:

Privacy – is your home isolated, or in a dense neighborhood? This can effect where you place windows, doors or other design elements.

Storage – Assess your needs. Will you want a single walk-in closet, or his and hers closets? What about built-ins and shelving in the bath? Determine all of these needs before you begin the interior design process.

Noise Issues – Take outside noise into account when planning. Do you live on a main street? Will there be traffic noise, or do you have noisy neighbors? Also, consider interior noise. If you're adding a second story addition, hardwood floors can generate noise to the lower levels. Is your room isolated from other bedrooms, or will you prefer carpeting to dampen interior noises?

Exits and Entryways – Will you include outdoor access to a private patio, deck, pool or hot tub? If you're planning on aging in place, consider adding wider doors, threshold-free showers and other safety and comfort amenities.

Spend some time considering all of your technical needs as you work through your design. These are the elements that are difficult to change once you're committed to them so spend the necessary time thinking about your lifestyle and how you'll use the space.

Set Your Priorities For Interior Design and Amenities

Begin by dreaming a little! If money were no object what amenities would you love to have in your new space? For example:

• What kind of flooring, tile, and finishes would you love?

• Heated floor, towel racks, and mirrors?

• Built-in entertainment center in the bedroom

• A fireplace with seating area

• French doors, skylights or a wall of windows to capture the ocean view

• A beautiful chandelier over the jetted stand-alone tub in the en-suite

• Architectural design elements like a coffered or tray ceiling, a wood feature wall, etc.

When planning your master suite addition, you're only limited by your creativity and budget. Dream big and consider all of your options. Often your design-build firm will have cost-effective ways and alternative suggestions that can save you time and money while still giving you many of the features you might have thought were out of reach!

Finally, consider any special needs. If you're planning on aging in place, implementing universal design principals like wider doorways, threshold-free showers and handholds are a smart decision. If you have mobility issues adding amenities like a shower bench and handheld shower head can make aging in your home safer and easier.

Adding a master bedroom addition to your home can increase your enjoyment while you live there, and offer a decent return on investment when you sell. With a little planning, some dreaming, and some research, working with your design-build firm can help you to create the perfect space that will serve your needs now, and well into the future.


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