Learn About Self Cleaning Toilets For Master Suite Bathrooms

Self Cleaning Toilets For Master Suites

It's Becoming Popular To Install Self-Cleaning Toilets In A Master Suites 

When it comes to remodeling your master bathroom, you have so many interesting choices to make, from your flooring to tile, vanity tops, heated towel racks, stand alone tub, or tub shower combo, and much more. Today, technology has added one more decision to the list!

For years, picking a toilet for a bathroom remodel was probably the easiest choice you'd make. We were satisfied with a utilitarian porcelain and chrome toilet that was pretty neutral regarding design. Sure they made some fancier models that cost a bit more and looked a bit sleek, but the result was the same, it was a toilet. Not anymore! Technology has finally reached the bathroom toilet!

It started in Japan with the invention of the “super toilet.” Today, 72% of homes in Japan boast hi-tech toilets that at the minimum include a bidet and seat warmer, but this is just the beginning! High-tech features vary among self-cleaning toilet manufacturers. The options include everything from motion activated lids that raise when you approach, feet warming vents on the front of the toilet, to heated seats, bidets with dryers, music systems, even toilets that are connected to the sink and recycle sink water for flushing, reducing your home water use.

Some Japanese manufacturers like TOTO have entered the US markets, and US manufacturers like Kohler and American Standard have developed and are currently offering smart toilets that are geared to the US consumer. The market for smart toilets is just starting in the US. While we're not 100% sold on bidets in the US, one very popular option is the self-cleaning toilet offered by most manufacturers.

Self-Cleaning Toilets: Luxury and Practicality

If you're planning on remodeling your master bath, it's worth your time to visit a showroom and check out the new self-cleaning toilets technology. For most homeowners, the toilet is the easiest decision to make when redesigning or remodeling. Companies like Kohler have been introducing American consumers to smart products and the response from many is that the technology is “life changing!” In fact, by introducing consumers to their products via exclusive showrooms, Kohler's market share for smart products increased 50% last year alone!

Even without all of the bells and whistles, smart toilets are a practical and luxurious choice. As the trend for “aging in place” continues to grow, smart toilets can help those with a limited range of motion to continue living in their home. Along with these benefits, they are ecologically beneficial as bidets reduce household paper use, and self-cleaning toilets mean less time and effort spent cleaning and fewer harsh chemicals being released into the home and the environment.

Moving Beyond Utility

Traditionally, the toilet was a utilitarian item, but as technology is introduced that is changing. Smart toilets can provide household savings, save time and soon, even protect your health as you age. The bidet function reduces the need for toilet paper, uses fewer resources and saves you money. Smart toilets by Kohler and American Standard use less water when flushing. Kohler's smart toilet includes a feature that tells the toilet when you raise the rim, and it uses less water to flush. If you sit for longer than a minute, the toilet uses a longer flush and then automatically initiates the self-cleaning mode.

Kohler's Numi model features a one piece design packed with features. This toilet comes with a heated seat, bidet with water temperature control and an air dryer, an integrated music system, a foot warmer, and a deodorizer which pulls air back through a charcoal filter and releases it from the back of the unit, and is also self-cleaning. All of the features are controlled through a touchpad screen.

Installing Self-Cleaning Toilets: Things To Consider

Smart toilets are available in a wide price range. Basic models can cost $500 or $600 with deluxe models costing as much as $10,000 depending on the features you choose. As more consumers enter the market, prices will come down. Right now, American Standard is offering a model called the ActiClean, which features advanced self-cleaning functionality that's priced in the $500 range. Not much more than a high-quality standard toilet.

Another consideration is that all of the toilets needs electricity to operate. That means adding electrical outlets near the toilet, which can be included during a remodel. Some building codes prohibit plumbing and electrical in the same wall, so you'll need to consult your local building codes. If your toilet includes a bidet or is self-cleaning, it may require additional plumbing.

As the technology reaches into more homes, much like tablets, laptops and other technology, prices will come down, and manufacturers will begin to offer more options. Promising technology like biometrics is being explored. In the future, biometric technology may allow analysis of waste to provide early diagnosis of diseases like diabetes or cancer. Manufacturers will also continue to refine the technology to address bedridden patients, older users and the disabled.

If you're planning a master bath remodel, take a look at smart toilets technology. Speak with Jay at Toulmin Cabinetry & Design about including a smart toilet as part of your master bathroom remodel. It may cost a little more, but if you're seeking a spa-like master bathroom, smart toilet technology can improve your quality of life!


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