Microwave Cabinets | Hiding The Microwave During A Kitchen Remodel

Microwave cabinets keep your appliance out of site.

Microwave Cabinets That Keep Microwave Ovens Out Of Sight

For many homeowners seeking a sleek, simple look in the kitchen, one of the biggest challenges can be finding ways to tuck away or hide appliances like toasters, blenders, and the microwave. One of the most frequent requests we've been hearing from our customers has been “how can we hide the microwave, so it's out of the way or completely hidden, but still easily accessible?”

At Toulmin Cabinetry and Design our design team loves a challenge! We've come up with some creative ways to meet our customer's needs for hiding their microwaves (and other appliances) that go beyond the standard practice of placing the microwave in your island cabinets.

Here is a collection of microwave cabinets and strategies that keep the often used appliance accessible but hidden!

Lift shelves

One of the coolest new cabinet add-ons we've seen is called a stand-mixer lift. It's an extendable shelf that fits inside a base cabinet and when needed slides outward and lifts up to match the counter height. While its original design was for a stand mixer, it's a perfect option for hiding a smaller microwave within the cabinet, out of sight, yet still easily accessible!

Reconfigured cabinets

Consider hanging a tall, narrow cabinet on its side under your uppers. It's the perfect place to stash your microwave, and there's plenty of room to stash other small appliances or food alongside. Stick with your current cabinet style or review styles of microwave cabinets that compliment your look.  If you're already remodeling, include an appliance garage style microwave cabinet in your kitchen design. You can have the door hinged to open up like a garage door, and it's a great look for a possible upgrade.

Remodeling? Add a double door pantry

If you're remodeling your kitchen or planning one, a massive double door pantry can serve double duty! Add pull out shelves at the lower level for food and dry goods, and add a couple of sturdy shelves, one at countertop height along with an electrical hookup. It's the perfect place to hide the microwave and other small appliances out of sight, yet right at hand.

Create an under-the-counter appliance shelf in the island

Your kitchen island is the perfect place to stash the microwave. Have a shelf installed under the island on the hidden side for your microwave. It can be permanently mounted out of the way. You can even include a built in microwave slot in the island with a pull-up door to completely hide your microwave.

Hide it in plain sight!

If you don't need a large microwave, a compact version can be easily hidden in plain sight! Create an open microwave bay or shelf under your countertop. If your cabinets are white, GE and other manufacturers offer monochrome white microwaves that can perfectly blend in with your cabinets.

Build It In

While it's not exactly hidden, a built-in microwave can still look sleek and be out of the way freeing up counter space. Many manufacturers offer sleek stylish built in microwaves like Viking, Frigidaire Professional, and others. A built-in microwave keeps the cord hidden, looks just like a built in oven, and still offers the benefits of a microwave with no loss of space!

Custom built microwave cabinets

Create a specific cabinet in your design for “similar” items, for example, combine a microwave niche with a slide out spice rack and a bookshelf hidden by pocket doors. It can blend in with your existing cabinetry and add plenty of function while keeping with your design.

Hide it in an appliance garage

While it does may take up some counter space, an appliance garage with a swing up door is a great way to hide your microwave and other appliances. Add power to the back of the cabinet, and you'll always be ready to go! Pull-down appliance garages can also be hung under upper cabinets, above the countertop.

These are just a few ideas you can incorporate microwave cabinets into your kitchen. At Toulmin Cabinetry and Design, our designers have been using these and other strategies to meet the needs of our clients. No matter what your creative vision or aesthetic needs, our designers can help you to achieve them.  If you're planning a kitchen remodel in the Tuscaloosa area, give us a call. We're always here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams!


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