NKBA Kitchen Remodeling and Master Bath Design Trends

Master bath Design and Remodel trends NKBA

The NKBA 2017 Kitchen and Master Bath Design Trends Report.

Toulmin Cabinetry and Design is a member of the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). Each year the NKBA publishes their Kitchen and Bath Trends Report. While the nature of kitchen and bathroom remodeling and construction trends don't change as frequently as fashion or furniture, as technology advances and innovative new products emerge they generate new insights for the trend spotters in the home remodeling industry.

Local Advice On Kitchen and Master Bath Design

As a company, we believe in staying ahead of emerging trends in kitchen and master bath design for our customers. A visit to our Tuscaloosa showroom will illustrate our commitment to design. The NKBA report is useful in helping us to identify and capitalize on emerging trends like the big shift from traditional to contemporary style and the use of multiple colors, styles and materials in the kitchen. The NKBA has been tracking and reporting on trends since 1980. This year's report found some interesting new trends in kitchen and master bath design, here are some to watch for in the coming year!

Transitional style, married with contemporary styles is still growing

The combination of transitional and contemporary styles appeals to both millennials and boomers so it's no surprise this trend is still popular andwill continue to grow in the coming year. While transitional style is still the most popular style for bathrooms,  this marriage is evident in both the kitchen and bath and contemporary looks are growing in popularity especially in the kitchen.

Transitional style and clean, contemporary lines create streamlined, unique spaces that leave plenty of room for homeowners to add their personal touch.

Gray, white and off-white cabinets

It's not surprising that neutral color palettes are still dominant. Survey respondents stated that grays/white/off-whites hold the top spot in terms of both kitchen and bath cabinets. Another emerging color trend is the mixing of colors within a space. This is evidenced by the growing trend of using different colors for perimeter and island cabinets and different countertop materials in the same space.

Some color trends include adding classic contemporary colors with touches of rustic or industrial style. Also we're seeing more floating shelves, open cabinets and pops of color in both the kitchen and bath.

Growing use of “aging in place” amenities

As more homeowners are opting to age-in-place, we're seeing a growing trend of amenities like no threshold showers, higher vanity heights and easier to operate kitchen appliances. With both kitchen and bathroom remodels the trend is toward safety and comfort for homeowners. As homeowners age comfort and safety are primary concerns and this is absolutely being seen by the trendsetters.

Better, simplified kitchen and master bath storage solutions

Simplified storage makes life easier for everyone. That's why this design trend will continue to grow in the coming year. Our designers are seeing an increase in requests for space-saving features like pull-outs, tilt-outs and tilt-ins because these features are extremely functional and vital in conserving valuable counter and pantry space. Our clients are requesting these features in both their kitchen and bathroom designs

Dedicated pet spaces in the kitchen

Pet's are family members too and they're getting their own built in amenities in the kitchen. Pet-friendly features are increasing and the most popular include pullout feeding stations and pet food storage followed closely by built in beds and crates.

Soaking tubs as a focal point in master bath design

More than 60 percent of respondents reported that their clients are adding free standing soaking tubs to their master baths. This is up from 25 percent in 2015.

Wood flooring

Wood and ceramic/porcelain tile are the two most popular flooring choices with natural wood being the leading choice for kitchens. Wood look ceramic or porcelain tile is growing for use in the bathroom, especially in a herringbone pattern.

Quartz and granite countertops

While granite is still one of the most popular choices for both kitchen and master bath design, it's popularity has been declining in recent years. Quartz has been gaining in popularity over the past five years with 89 percent of respondents saying quartz was the top choice of their clients in 2016.

Greater use of shower amenities

A big trend in shower construction in master bath design includes the addition of comfort amenities like lights, built in seats and benches and hand shower heads in addition to mounted heads. This also fits in the the growing trend in aging in place amenities like no-threshold showers and walk-in soaking tubs.

These are just some of the kitchen and master bath design trends to watch for in the coming year. Other growing trends for the coming years include easy maintenance features, radiant floor heating in bathrooms, and creature comfort features like coffee bars, microwaves, wet bars and TV's incorporated into master baths along with docking and charging stations in the kitchen.

At Toulmin Cabinetry and Design we've been helping our clients in and around Tuscaloosa to add cutting edge design features to their kitchen and master bath design and remodel. If you'd like to learn more about these or other trends, feel free to give us a call. We're always ready to help!