The Top Three Considerations When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Learn What To Ask Your Remodeler When Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

When speaking with kitchen designers regarding new cabinetry, you may have been sold on the idea of custom cabinetry coming from a local carpenter. However, premium quality cabinets are being manufactured by experts in cutting edge production facilities.  In most cases, these cabinet makers can provide a longer lasting, better-made solution for your kitchen or bathroom better than you may have expected.

Here are a three of the differences between local shops and manufactured cabinets:

Build Efficiency and Timely Delivery

No matter where you choose to order your cabinets from, one thing is sure: it will take at least 4-6 weeks to complete an average semi-custom cabinet build. Since cabinets are measured to fit your exact space, and specifications, there is no simple way to keep them in stock. Large manufacturing facilities have the ability to give customers highly accurate projections of their completion date, and they have the equipment necessary to ensure that they deliver on time. Local shops may not have the same ability as they typically have less available labor, and are likely doing more of the work manually. You may be faced with unexpected delays if one of their team members calls in sick or goes on vacation, or if they have a problem during production that requires additional work. Also, most large manufacturing facilities have taken steps to be energy efficient and environmentally conscious in their processes, including using renewable resources and recycling programs to reduce their impact, something that many local shops cannot afford to do.

Cabinet Build Quality and Finish

When you order your custom cabinetry, you are expecting a quality product that will not chip or stain, and will hold up to regular use for years to come. Large manufacturing facilities use a variety of advanced technologies to ensure that your cabinets are properly sealed against stains and damage. They use a multi-step process to seal the wood first, followed by several coats of primer and paint, and then another layer of sealant, all of which is baked on to achieve a durable finish. This process is completed in a specialized paint chamber designed to keep humidity at the proper level, and dirt out of the area. The end result is a smooth finish free of dust and other imperfections. Local shops often do not have a dedicated finishing room with proper humidity or air filters. In addition, they typically use lower quality paints without effective sealers, leaving your cabinets susceptible to damage and staining. Even worse, they may offer to apply the finishing paint in your home after the cabinets are installed, ensuring that the surface will be exposed to dust in your home, and will not cover the entire cabinet effectively.

Future Cabinet Repairs

If any of your cabinets are ever damaged, you may be concerned that a brand name manufacturer will be unable to assist you in repairing or replacing the piece in question. Fortunately, large-scale producers are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on nearly all of their products. Since these cabinets are built using state of the art machinery, the manufacturer can quickly reproduce the part you need to give you an exact match in no time. Local shops may not have the ability to accurately replicate the work that was done or the finish they used for your cabinets.

Replacing your cabinets is a big investment, and we want you to get the very best value for your money. We opt to use large manufacturing facilities to supply our cabinets because of their dedication to quality and service. They have invested in the equipment and processes necessary to deliver exceptional cabinets every single time, and they stand behind their products for the long haul. If you have questions on cabinetry choice, visit our Tuscaloosa showroom and speak with a design expert about your kitchen remodel project.

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