Why Are Copper Sinks So Popular?

Copper sinks ad distinct beauty and old world charm to a kitchen.  Copper sinks offer stunningly beautiful design styling, and are impressively environmentally friendly.

It is undeniable that kitchen copper sinks look much more beautiful than ordinary sinks, but there is more to these sinks that their distinct beauty and charm:

  • Naturally Antibacterial- Sinks made of copper can combat E. coli and other dangerous bacteria without any difficulty.  In traditional sink materials, harmful bacteria can survive for weeks, causing significant hazards to human health. However, in copper sinks, bacteria tend to die within a couple of hours. They are particularly good for people who soak vegetables or wash dishes regularly in their sink, which is pretty much everyone.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain-  Copper sinks do not require harsh chemical cleaning, and with proper care, its beauty will last a lifetime.  Unlike many other types of sinks, copper sinks grow in beauty with age.  Over time, the copper will patina...forever evolving, into a sink that is distinctly you.
  • Environmentally Friendly-   Copper sinks tread gently on our environment made from natural or recycled materials.  They are sustainable, lead free, and naturally antibacterial.
  • Available in a Variety of Styles-  Styles offered include:  kitchen sinks that come with or without the apron front, bathroom sinks, vessel sinks, and kitchen bar sinks are some of the options.  Copper sinks also have a strong weld and promise great durability.  
Jay Young