15 Kitchen Design Ideas You May Not Have Considered

Congratulations! You have finally decided to take the plunge and have decided to invest in the heart of your home. No, we are not referring to a growing family, rather, it's a kitchen remodel. So, if it's time to improve the quality of life in your home, what kind of design direction are you thinking of? While you may know that the avocado green linoleum and mauve laminate countertop just has to go, you may need some additional guidance on other modern ideas for kitchen design.

Here are some ideas you may not have considered:

1. Colored Cabinetry – White, beige or common wood cabinets are no longer your only option for a kitchen palette. Many homeowners are finding gray cabinets to be something modern while still allowing a neutral base from which to decorate from. Other trending ideas are a black and white palette or dark kitchen tile, countertops and walls.

2. Splash of Bold Color – A new trend popping up is added a pop of color, say in the sink or with a backsplash. Sinks in red, green or most any color in the rainbow are now available and add flair to a neutral kitchen. 

3. Farmhouse kitchens – These kitchens have accessories once only found on those green acres. They probably don’t fit in a modern style home, but in a traditional or rustic home, a kitchen with a farmhouse sink and other accessories, such as vintage style appliances, works well. 

4. Transitional kitchens – Mixing classical looks with modern touches gives you what is known as a transitional kitchen that can be new without being too futuristic.

5. Automation and Functionality – With new technology, kitchens can be so much easier to work in. No, they won’t clean that massive, messy pot, but soft close cabinets and drawers along with hands-free faucets can make those hard jobs seem a little easier. New electronic devices like Amazon's Echo allow you to use voice commands to control lighting and even order kitchen supplies.

6. Kitchens that aren’t just kitchens – Since everyone ends up in the kitchen anyway, different spaces are now making their way into the traditional kitchen. Especially popular are home office spaces that are now seamlessly joining the cooking area.

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7. Layout - Along with mixed use space, the other kitchen trend rising in popularity is the open space design where the kitchen and family area are no longer two separate areas. 

8. Sleek cabinets – Different types of cabinets with a sleek, minimal look are another design idea that works well. These can be seen with both frameless cabinets as well as shaker style cabinets. Whether your kitchen is heading toward the contemporary area or the retro look, sleek cabinets work well. Consider seeded glass with back lighting for your stemware. It's an elegant look.

9. Open Shelving – Removing the cabinet doors allows for a farm and modern look. Of course, you have to keep the shelves somewhat uncluttered, but this look works well for many kitchens. 

10. Pull-outs – Cabinets with special units that roll out make things easier as well as helping to keep clutter down. They also prevent having to lug that heavy Kitchenaid mixer from an inconvenient corner cabinet.

11. Funky fridges – While side by side refrigerator/freezers seem to be less popular, French door or bottom-freezer fridges are being seen in more and more modern kitchens. You can also now buy refrigerators that store wine without the need for a whole cellar or retro design fridges that look to have been built in 1940.

2. Mixed Material Countertops – A look that has begun appearing in more and more kitchens is mixed mediums in the countertops, usually mixing traditional butcher block with newer countertop materials like Cambria or Silestone. 

13. Small appliances – Multiple two burner stoves, prep sinks, and 18-inch dishwashers are popping up as the tiny house revolution influences full-size kitchen remodels. 

14. LED Lights – Energy efficient lights nestled in cabinetry and out of the way places lets a kitchen light up in a subtle way and they are now available in a variety of color temperatures.

15. Unique Backsplashes – glass, steel, and even hand glazed and glass tile can give a work-a-day backsplash a new and more interesting look in your kitchen.

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