What is the Value of a Bathroom Remodel?

This classic bath is created with custom beaded inset gray cabinets, a Carrera marble cabinet top.

Learn the return on investment for a bathroom remodel 

Determining cost vs value of a bathroom remodel can make your eyes glaze over, but getting a new space that even a mother-in-law would love can give you a smile for days. Return on investment is one of the many yardsticks used to value a bathroom remodel but it's just as important to consider your quality of life while living in the home. Time together as a family is finite. Making the most of that time in a space you love is a priceless investment.

According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs Value Report, a basic bathroom remodel can give you about a 65.7% recoup of your investment. In the East South Central Region, that number dips a bit to 61.4%. 

But how do you make sure you get your 65.7%? Plunging into this kind of remodel can be daunting in itself, but making sure your dollars don’t get flushed down the drain is downright scary. Here’s some tips to make sure you get the most from that new work:

Pick the right space for a renovation

One way to get the best value out of your remodel dollars is to fix up the right room. Re-doing that small powder room near the laundry room won't give you the best value. However, a great master bath is prized by those looking for a new home. Your second choice should be a guest bathroom and then the bathroom in a more public space of your home. Remember, your 6-year-old doesn't really care if he has a new clawfoot soaking tub in his bathroom and future buyers with children probably won't care either.

Focus on a Luxury Bath

A new countertop, a new sink maybe even a luxuriously deep tub can go a long way to making your bathroom seem brand new, but don't overlook the basics like good lighting and proper use of space. Your return on value for a bathroom remodel won't stay high if future homebuyers are not impressed. One tip is to consider a shorter bathtub or corner sink to help your area seem bigger. Our team of professional designers can help you find just the right solution for a smaller bath.

Embrace Unique Design

While your remodeling job is about modernizing the room, don't toss everything from the past out. Maybe have a friend come with a fresh eye to help you see what is unique and charming, then work your design around including those things. Replacing the avocado color toilet is probably a good idea, but getting rid of the glass door knobs may be something to reconsider. 

Splurge on Few High End Items

Of course, for the best return on value you will need to have a good design and modern touch, but that doesn't mean everything has to be the most expensive item available. Sometimes it is better to pick to just pick one or two items to splurge on, like a great vanity or freestanding tub. That way, your remodel costs don't break your budget and you recoup your remodel costs fairly well. 

So, if you are dreaming of a bath remodel, take the plunge. Not only is it a good investment, but it also offers something not found in cost vs value number; it offers a breath of fresh air for your soul while you relax in your new space and let all the stresses go out with the bath water.


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