Learn Why We Think Primo Grills Make The Best Barbecue

Primo Grills For Sale In Tuscaloosa, AL

Looking for The Ultimate Barbeque? Check Out, Primo Grills!

Here at Toulmin Cabinetry and Design, we're always seeking out the highest quality products for our clients in West Alabama. One product that really blew us away was the Primo Ceramic Grill. It's so much more than your standard outdoor grill. It's a great addition to your outdoor kitchen because, with a simple adjustment, Primo Grills can convert from a grill to a roaster, a smoker, or an oven. You may not want to tailgate with a Primo Grill at Bryant-Denny Stadium, though, this is a substantial grill. On the other hand, it is the perfect outdoor cooker for smoking brisket, grilling burgers, or roasting whole chicken for Alabama Football away games!

We were so impressed that we became a Primo Grills retailer for clients and customers in an around the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. Here's why we think that Primo Grills are the best choice for your outdoor kitchen!

Primo Grills to Fit Any Need!

Primo Grills come in two different shapes and four different sizes. They are: the original 18.5 inch round model called the Kamado, and three different sizes of oval-shaped cookers that range from 210 to 400 square inches of cooking area.

If you love to roast or smoke large turkeys, pork shoulders, ribs, beef roasts or leg of lamb, the oval models are a perfect choice. Primo Grills oval models can be set up for 2-zone cooking. This means you can set different temperatures on each side and with the raised grate, you can lower the direct heat for even more controlled smoking.

The Kamado style ceramic grill is based on the original Japanese design and is built to retain heat and circulate it back towards the food. That makes it an exceptional pizza and bread oven. Its flexible design makes it great for expanding your barbeque skills and techniques!

If You're Not Great With Charcoal, Primo's Got You Covered!

Gas grills are great. They're convenient and do a pretty good job, but they're only good at one thing,  grilling. Real barbeque is all about the charcoal. Nothing tastes quite as authentic as food adequately cooked over coals. Plus, charcoal grills with a hardwood smoking box can add to the flavor and succulence of grilled meats, fish and vegetables!

Primo knows not everyone is skilled at the art of cooking over coals. That's why they've worked hard to make their products so user-friendly. They've taken a lot out of the guesswork of grilling and smoking. Their products come with a thorough guide that walks you through not only the basics of setting up their grills and how to use them, but also provide detailed instructions and plenty of tips on how to best cook items ranging from delicate low-heat smoked fish to perfectly seared steak. Temperature and internal temperature guides are included along with cooking times. They even provide vent adjustment illustrations so you can achieve the perfect sear, or develop that “low and slow” flavor.

The best part? Primo Grills are perfect in both hot or cold temperatures meaning, with a Primo Grill you can enjoy authentic barbeque year round! And cleaning is easy. You never need to clean the inside of the grill. Just keep the cooking grates clean, and occasionally remove the ashes and wash the exterior glaze surface to warm water and dishwashing liquid and you're ready to go!

Exceptional Quality Backed By An Exceptional Warranty!

Primo ceramic grills are made to the highest standards using only high-quality ceramics making them exceptional efficient and durable. Plus, Primo is the only ceramic grill company that offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, backed by Primo's exclusive 20-year Guarantee. All four models of Primo Grills come with a variety of bases and accessories. Here at Toulmin, we carry the entire Primo family of Grills and accessories.

If you're looking for the perfect cooking appliance for your outdoor kitchen, check out Primo ceramic grills. The ability to grill, smoke, roast, or bake they're so much more than just a grill!

If you're considering the purchase of a cooking appliance for your outdoor kitchen, and you're in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, stop by the Toulmin Cabinetry & Design showroom located at 5227 Whigham Circle in Tuscaloosa, or give us a call at (205) 366.0807. We carry the full line of Primo Grills and accessories, and we'd love to show you the amazing Primo Grills. Let us help you choose the perfect Primo model to meet your outdoor cooking needs!