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Learn our tips on choosing a freestanding tub

When the day to day tension caused by demands on your attention from your job, kids, pets, and house become overwhelming, nothing is better for releasing that stress than a long soak in a hot bath. Consequently, when it's time to remodel your bathroom, you're bound to be seeking a great soaking tub. Think of it as home therapy. 

When renovating a bathroom, more and more homeowners are choosing to install a freestanding tub rather than a traditional tub near a wall. Not only are they often shaped specifically for soaking, but also bring an elegant aesthetic to the bathroom. With all the different shapes and sizes and styles, how do you pick the right freestanding tub for you? Let us provide the criteria we use to narrow down the choice. They are size, style, and material. 

Choosing The Size of a Freestanding Tub

The first thing you have know is what size tub will fit in your space. During a bath remodel, we will design the entire bathroom and appropriately size the area you mean to put the tub in. If you are seeking to add a freestanding tub without changing the room size or wall locations it's important to get a measurement of the location you're hoping to place the tub. This will give you a general idea of the width and length of the tub you can consider when visiting our showroom. Following our initial consultation, a designer will measure your doorways, stairs, and hallways to make sure you can get the tub into the available space without a crane and roof removal.

Next, consider exactly what you want from that freestanding tub. Will it be for soaking only or do you also want a hot-tub like experience with air bubbles? Is more than one person going to be in the tub? Some come specifically designed for two people to be soaking at once. Freestanding tubs come in extra long, extra deep and extra wide, so you have plenty of options for getting just the right one for you.

What Style Tub Fits Home's Design

A Toulmin Cabinetry & Design bath professional can walk you through all the different styles of freestanding tubs until you find the one that complements your décor and speaks to your soul. You can get tubs with claw feet or pedestals to elevate your bath just a bit. One type called a slipper tub are higher on one end than the other, making them perfect for resting easily on the back. Soaking tubs are what they sound like, perfectly formed for long, luxurious soaking. Want a bit of sophisticated Zen? Consider a Japanese soaking tub which is deep enough for the water to come over your shoulders and often has a bench seat to sit comfortably on.

Freestanding Tubs Come in a Number of Materials

After you and your designer have determined the right size and the perfect style, you finish by choosing the material you want your tub to be made of. Depending on your budget and your style you can get freestanding tubs made from cast iron, acrylic, stone, solid surfaces or copper or stainless steel. Our team will determine how much weight can go on the floor you intend to use for the freestanding tub since some of those choices can be quite heavy.

Working with one of our design professionals will ensure to get your perfect getaway spot just behind your bathroom door in a beautiful tub full of sweet-smelling bubbles. 


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