What Are The Advantages of Using Silestone in a Kitchen or Bath?

Silestone Countertops Featured in  Signature Kitchens & Baths Magazine  | Summer 2014 Edition

Silestone Countertops Featured in Signature Kitchens & Baths Magazine | Summer 2014 Edition

Does it seem that every gathering at your home ends up with all of your house guests hanging out in the kitchen? With the kitchen being such an important room, your countertops should look beautiful and be able to take the abuses of heat, abrasives and, everyday life. If you like the looks of natural stone like granite or marble countertops, you may want to consider another what many kitchen design professionals consider a better option: Silestone.

This material is a scientific combination of natural quartz and other resources that blends technology and nature into a hard, resilient, nonporous substance that works incredibly well in the kitchen and bath. Harder than marble and less permeable than granite, Silestone offers the beauty of these natural materials with the ease of high-tech resources that has several advantages. Its unique combination makes it stain resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant and wear resistant.

Carefree Countertop Care

With basic cleaning, your countertops will keep their beauty long after the remodel dust has settled. With its high degree of impermeability, these countertops are incredibly stain resistant especially if you clean up spills quickly. This property also helps the countertops stay bacteria free. We recommend not using chlorine or solvents on the tops. In addition, we suggest you use a trivet or hot pad under hot plates or pans. The material can take brief periods of heat, but caution should be used to keep it from cracking or warping.

Silestone is certified food safe by the NSF "National Sanitation Foundation", an industry organization that has been certifying products since 1944. In addition, the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute has given Silestone the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification certifying that it does not give off toxic chemicals indoors.

Beautiful Countertop Colors and Patterns for any Style

Is your kitchen palette a gentle gray or green? Or do you prefer a more bold look with bright colors and big patterns? Silestone comes in a large array of choices. Offering over 90 colors, different styles and a range of finish types, this material can match any decor and any style of home. Colors come with names like Carbono, Haiku, Mountain Mist and soft blue called Enjoy. No matter your indoor style, this countertop material will fit in.

After you and your designer have chosen a color, then you can pick from different styles that arise from the differences in the quartz. Do you want a simple, plain look, or would you rather have countertops that have the look of quartz veins? Another positive attribute is that the patterns are much more consistent than other types of natural materials. Finally, once you have picked the color and style, then you finish by picking your surface finish: polished, suede or volcano.

So, when you're ready to choose kitchen countertops during your kitchen remodel, consider Silestone. They will forever keep their quiet beauty and give you piece of mind that comes without having to worry about durability. 


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