How To Achieve The Perfect Powder Room Design When Remodeling

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Powder Room Design Ideas For Remodeling

What's the smallest room in your house that offers you the biggest opportunity to flex your creative design muscles? It's your powder room, of course! Powder rooms stay hidden behind a closed door your powder room offers you the opportunity to take a starkly different design approach than the rest of your house.

The powder room lends itself to experimentation. Because powder rooms are typically a smaller space, you can try things like bold colors, tile, hardware, and fixtures without breaking your budget. Let's take a look at some stunning design ideas that can make your powder room from merely a bathroom to a design showpiece that your neighbors and guests will envy and talk about!

Popular Powder Room Design Elements

The most stunning powder rooms are filled with bold choices and design inspiration. From audacious materials to stunning lighting, floating vanities and sculptural fixtures, your powder room can be the perfect opportunities to really take some daring design choices, while still remaining functional. Here are some favorite design elements to consider for your own powder room.

• Add a Sculptural Element

While powder rooms small size don't offer much of a chance to get “sculptural,” with a little creativity you can add design features that bring dimension and texture to the space. Consider using a sculptural modern light fixture, or textured tile on the walls to bring in an element of dimension. Pair it with a chic round mirror, and you've got some excitement brewing

• Dark Walls

Rich dark color can make a bold statement, especially in the powder room. Experiment with today's trending dark colors like variations on navy and indigo, charcoals and true black paint or wall coverings. Combine a dark colored wall with a black small hex floor tile, gray grout, and silver accents, and you'll have a luxurious powder room to great your guests!

• Antique Brass Fixtures

If you're looking for a little more subdued elegance, instead of silver accents, consider using antique brass sconces, fixtures, mirrors, and accessories. It goes hand in hand with dark walls, and the contrast of light and dark warmed by antique brass is a very popular look right now.

• Bold Floral Wallpaper

Whether you're looking to create a Victorian feel with realistic roses or a more modern feel with abstract blooms, flowers are a big trend in powder rooms. The good news? Because you're covering a smaller space, you can splurge on an expensive wallcovering.

• Creative Tile Floors

Make the most of your powder room's limited floor space by choosing a colorful, or intricately patterned floor tile. Using a material like cement painted tiles, or exotic imported ceramics can make a bold statement. Because there is no shower and lower moisture you can get a little more creative with your tile choices as they will not need to be waterproof.

• Floating Vanity

While open shelving isn't for everyone, an open vanity exposes your plumbing (which can become another design element!) under the sink. Using an floating vanity is a great way to create a unique look. The combination of a natural wood open vanity combined with the exposed plumbing, and adding a elegant sink can complete the modern look.

• Use a Stunning Mirror!

In a small powder room, the mirror can become a huge focal point in your design. It can also act to enhance natural light (if the room has a window) and can help to define your design style. Consider mirrors installed around the perimeter within a wall design. They will help brighten the room by reflecting light, but can also create the illusion of additional windows in the space.

The truth is, no matter what your style or creative vision, the powder room is the perfect place to express yourself. These are just a few of the most popular design ideas that are currently trending. The powder room is the ideal space for working with different materials like marble vanity tops, exotic wood vanities, creative tile, and color. Because it's a smaller space, you can splurge on some higher end materials without breaking the bank.

If you're thinking about adding a powder room, or if you have an older powder room in need of a facelift, give the design experts at Toulmin Cabinetry and Design a call. We can help you to achieve your creative vision and design the perfect power room that will impress your friends and family!

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