Kitchen Cabinets: Style and Trends Guide for Alabama Homeowners

Dark Oak  Cabinets - Image Courtesy of Shiloh Cabinetry

Dark Oak Cabinets - Image Courtesy of Shiloh Cabinetry

Learn The Most Requested Styles For Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets not only serve as functional storage, but they're also an essential element of your kitchen design. When you're doing a kitchen remodeling, the cabinetry is a significant element that brings your visual design together.

While there have been many new products released for the kitchen, like countertops, and flooring kitchen cabinet design hasn't changed much in the last few years. But what has happened is that kitchen design has evolved. While traditional white cabinets are still popular, natural wood and frameless cabinetry, more modern looking cabinetry has become increasingly popular. 

While the functionality of the kitchen is essential, kitchen styles tend to evolve. This year's trend is moving toward simple, clean lines. Designers and homeowners are opting for sleek minimalism when it comes to kitchen style. 

If you're planning a kitchen remodel, it's important to stay current with the latest trends and look at how they affect you. To design the perfect kitchen, you need to consider all the elements, from the amount and type of storage you'll need, to your personal aesthetics. 

Here are four major design trends that are shaping cabinet choices in 2019, and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Dark Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Along with the trend toward natural material, like oak, painted wood kitchen cabinets are also a growing trend. Color customization can give your cabinets a unique look that can bring character to your design and make a bold statement. 

Color is one of the most effective ways to create a visual focus in the kitchen. While neutrals like lighter grays, yellows, and greens, today the trend is toward darker colors in the blue and gray families and even black. It's all about contrast. Hanging and based cabinets painted in complementary, yet contrasting tones. Islands that are a different color than the cabinetry and contrasting finishes are all popular, and strikingly dramatic!

Frameless Kitchen Cabinets and No Hardware

The sleek lines and minimalist sensibilities of modern design are a widely growing trend among both homeowners and designers. The best way to achieve this look is by using frameless cabinetry. A trendy style is natural wood, like flat, quarter sawn oak doors and drawers, in a frameless cabinet. It shows off the incredible grain while giving the kitchen a warm, sleek feel. With a growing trend of “no hardware” styles taking the lead, true minimalism is achievable.

Cabinet drawers and doors with a lip, or a pull made from the same material give a continuous look to the kitchen, and designs featuring no “jewelry” are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners are seeking a clean, refined, yet still warm and luxurious minimalist look.

Quarter Sawn Oak Cabinetry

Oak cabinetry was the choice in kitchen cabinetry from the 1970s to the 90s. Typically you'd see it in a light honey stain, with some version of raised panel door, with a wild grain pattern. The 90s saw oak replaced as the popularity of maple, cherry, and engineered wood alternatives quickly grew. Today, wood veneer and painted MDF are the most common materials used in cabinet construction.

As we enter 2019, homeowners interest is growing in natural materials. They're seeking to connect to their earlier years, and the vintage look is back – think mid-century modern. This is especially true in the kitchen. Quarter sawn oak, thanks to its bold, intricate graining is a natural choice. It offers a neutral color palette, depth, texture, and a look that can be layered into any design. 

Oak is a versatile choice that's at home in any kitchen style, from a familiar rustic look to a traditional cottage, to the sleek, clean, minimalist look. Oak, despite it's past, is making a big comeback as modern manufacturing is giving us a wide variety of styles to work with. They are creating interesting door styles from recessed panels to flat slab doors. It can be used in its natural color, stained or painted to create a truly unique look.

Working Pantries / Sculleries

Luxury homes have always featured amazing amenities when it comes to the kitchen. Today, you'll find glassed-in wine rooms in the kitchen, where the homeowners can display the collection of wines or multiple kitchens that can be used to prepare large extravagant meals. 

While we can all envision our dream kitchen, homeowners today are adding luxury amenities on a smaller scale. Instead of a wine room, a temperature controlled beverage center can host wines, while another convenience, working pantries or sculleries, can keep the main kitchen neat and tidy when entertaining or preparing family meals.

As the movement for getting rid of kitchen clutter continues to trend higher, many homeowners are opting for a working pantry, behind a door off the main kitchen area to create an additional workspace. Working pantries can house coffee makers, secondary sinks, cabinets, refrigerators and workspace and plenty of shelving and cabinets for dry goods and staples. Creating a working pantry or scullery is the perfect solution for adding functional work and storage space to the kitchen.

If you're planning a kitchen remodel, speak with your designer about the many options available today. Incorporating these trends into your kitchen design can not only give you a stunning aesthetic design, but they can also add functionality to the heart of your home. Taken all together these kitchen cabinet trends all point toward a warm, elegant functionality along with a sophisticated look. being the dominant trend if the coming years.

If you're planning a kitchen remodel and you live in the greater Tuscaloosa area, give the expert designers at Toulmin Cabinetry and Design a call. Our design team is up on the latest trends in kitchen design and can work with you to achieve your creative vision to deliver your dream kitchen.

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