Modern Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas For A Contemporary Look

Contemporary Ideas For Modern Bathroom Remodeling

Like any other room in your home, your bathroom is subject to fashion and design trends. While trends in bathroom design take a little longer to appear because of the cost in remodeling, you need to consider the trends carefully because ultimately, you'll be living with them for a long time.

One trend that has only continued to grow in recent years is the trend is toward the modern bathroom style. If you're considering a bathroom remodeling creating a contemporary bathroom can be a timeless look if you choose the right fixtures, materials, and textures.

Working with a professional design firm can help you to create a bathroom that is not only functional and contemporary but can also meet your aesthetic style.

What Makes a Bathroom Style Modern?

Modern style can mean different things to different people. Generally speaking, when we talk about a modern bathroom, it encompasses many of the same qualities as any modern design. Think geometric shapes, neutral or basic colors, few decorative flourishes, clean lines, and natural materials.

Modern design should be simple, allowing individual elements to draw the eye, and define the space. Typically, a modern bathroom incorporates an open plan. Usually, this involves an open style shower, with floor to ceiling transparent glass walls. You'll often see a monochromatic color scheme used as well to give the room the perception of space.

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Modern bathroom design doesn't have to be “cold and sterile.” Use warm geometric shapes. A simple color scheme that incorporates warm neutral colors and natural materials like wood and natural stone can help to “humanize” and warm the space. Both will provide a modern aesthetic to your bathroom.

Incorporating Natural Materials into a Modern Bathroom Design

While the typical uses for natural materials include stone flooring or shower enclosures, you can go beyond the ordinary. Consider replacing cold ceramics with natural wood, for example, using wooden panels radiating from the floor to the ceiling to create a unique expression, or incorporating wooden elements like Danish Modern design furniture or consoles into your design can simultaneously warm the space, and give the nod towards mid-century chic.

The Trend Toward Technology in the Bathroom

There has been an enormous move toward incorporating technology into modern bathroom design. From modern app-controlled lighting to wall-mounted TVs, to high-tech toilets, technology is becoming a growing trend in modern bathroom design.

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However, the implementation of new technologies goes far beyond the wall-mounted TV. New materials and approaches for the creation of innovative and expressive bathroom décor are taking a technological twist. From ultra-thin engineered wall coverings to realistic porcelain tiles that resemble wood, technology is making an impact on the creative design process of the modern bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Color Trends

When looking at the trend of colors used in the bathroom, the color palette is no different than the color selection for the rest of your home. Color can often be an essential part of the whole concept for its décor. Earth tones like beige, blond, forest green, and ash charcoals are hot modern choices that can set the tone for the entire space.

Bi-colored combinations are also increasing in bathroom design. As an example, white on the inside of the raised sink, with the color outside. Or a combination of striking elements like a combination of black basins and toilets, with eye-catching shades of color on the ceramics, can create harmony and contrast between forms and materials.

Modern doesn't always have to mean white and gleaming. Using a large size dark gray slate flooring and wall covering, and contrasting it with light wood furniture and white fixtures can bring a modern and organic feel to the space. Combine this combination with minimal hardware and simple fixtures along with geometrically matching sinks and tub can tie the look together.

Modern design is about simple lines, geometric shapes, and natural materials used in a minimalist way, without sacrificing function. Working with a professional designer can help you to clarify better and define your creative vision. A designer can help you to understand all of your options, including the latest materials and technology available. The modern style is great for small spaces and can be stunning in a larger area.

If you're considering creating a modern bathroom for your home, and you live in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area, why not give the experts at Toulmin Cabinetry & Design a call at (205) 366-0807. Our team of designers can help you to understand all of your options and will work closely with you to create a modern dream bathroom that will meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

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