Now Is The Time To Start A Kitchen Remodel For The Holidays

Is Your Kitchen Ready For Holiday Entertaining?

It's summertime! The time for hanging out in the sunshine and enjoying the warm weather with your family and friends. So, are you planning for the holiday season yet, getting your shopping lists ready and getting the holiday table settings in order? Of course not!

But think back to your last family holiday gathering. Remember when you couldn't find the turkey baster in that disorganized drawer? How's about cleaning the turkey pan that couldn't fit in the sink? You swore it was your last holiday meal in your dysfunctional, old kitchen!

If your home is the holiday gathering space for the whole family, your kitchen needs to be organized and comfortable to accommodate your family and friends. Everyone is always drawn to their favorite foods cooking in the oven, hanging out in the kitchen with a drink and catching up with the family. This can create pleasant holiday memories if your kitchen is up for the task. It can be a nightmare if your space feels cramped, is disorganized, and you don't have an island with seating, cooking, and entertaining. That's before you even think about your dated kitchen cabinets, old appliances, and the countertop that always looks cluttered, no matter how hard you try.

If a kitchen remodeling is on your radar before the holidays arrive, the time to start the process is now! Let's look at the kitchen remodeling process to help you understand why it's time to get to work.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Research and planning is the first step to a successful kitchen remodeling. Think about your current kitchen. What works for you? What can you improve? Can you update your space with cabinet refacing and new countertops? Do you want a "gut to the studs" remodel? Maybe you're considering knocking down a wall to open up the space for entertaining? The scope of work will directly impact both your timeline and your budget. It's essential to do your homework, define your needs, and understand all of your options.

Step 2: Choose Your Kitchen Remodeling Professional

Almost every kitchen remodeling will include updates to systems like plumbing and electrical. This can be especially true if your kitchen space has never been remodeled or was last updated years ago. At the very least, you may be required to bring plumbing and electrical systems up to current codes. And don't forget the precise measurements and installation of cabinets, your island, and designing the kitchen triangle. It's not a job for the average DIY homeowner. Only professionals should handle an extensive kitchen remodel.

You need to begin your search for local professionals online. View portfolios, ask around and put together a list of possible candidates. Once you've narrowed your choices, set-up meetings with you're the firms you've considered to go over your needs. Ask if they can do the work within your required timeframe, and make sure they're the right “fit” for your project. Many companies will offer a free no-obligation consultation before signing a contract. The best kitchen remodeling companies will take on a limited number of clients to provide the highest level of service and personal attention. It's best to get started now to complete your project in time for holiday entertaining.

Step 3: Understanding your Timeline

Planning and Design Can Take as Long as 2 to 8 Weeks

Depending on the complexity of your project, the planning and design stage can take up to 8 weeks. You can help facilitate the process by having a good idea of your aesthetic style and functional needs. Providing your kitchen remodeling contractor with pictures will help them to understand your lifestyle and functional needs. Understanding what you want will lead to a realistic budget can help move your project forward.

Your chosen expert should follow their own tried and tested design process. It should be transparent, set expectations for how your project will proceed, and culminate in a design that meets your needs at a budget you can afford.

Step 4: Ordering Materials and Products

The materials and products you choose can take time to arrive. This is especially true with cabinets which can take up to 10 weeks to arrive once they've been ordered. Other materials like specialty tile, flooring, or an exotic stone countertop can also have extended lead times. Kitchen remodeling is a complicated dance. Materials need to arrive on time to be installed as required. You'll also have several important decisions to make about products and finishes.

An experienced professional kitchen remodeling firm can help you to navigate the vast array of products, finishes, and fixtures. They are available to help you choose the ones that best meet your aesthetic and functional needs and budget. Here at Toulmin Cabinetry & Design, we offer a variety of products artfully displayed in our showroom. We work closely with the top manufacturers in the industry, at all price points, to help make choosing materials and products convenient and fast.

Step 5: Construction

Once the planning and design stage is complete, and you have a plan, the construction can begin. Typically, demolition and installation of a new standard-sized kitchen can take about 8 – 10 weeks. If you have a larger space or will be removing walls and making structural changes, it can take a bit longer.

The typical 8-week process is broken out roughly as follows:

Week 1: Remove appliances, cabinets, flooring, drywall. Rough-in plumbing and electric; inspections.

Week 2: Repair or replace drywall, prepare the subfloor for new flooring material.

Week 3: Install cabinetry, trim and hardware

Week 4: Complete the countertop template, install baseboard, door, and window trim.

Week 5: Install flooring.

Week 6: Wait for countertop

Week 7: Install countertop, hook up plumbing, install appliances, begin backsplash installation.

Week 8: Finish backsplash and grout. Paint the kitchen. - Go over punch list and final inspection process.

Living Through The Construction Process

Let's face it. Kitchen remodeling is loud, messy, and disruptive. However, if you work with a professional company, they understand this and will work with you to make the project run as smooth as possible.

An experienced design-build firm will manage every detail of your project and keep the mess in your home to a minimum. When your home is under construction, it's probably best to keep entertaining or visitors at a minimum. This is the time to enjoy your outdoor space, BBQ, sit by the pool, or work in your garden. If you can, this might be a good time for a summer trip with the family, but make sure to be accessible if you choose to go away. Your input may be needed if questions arise, or final decisions need to be made during the remodeling process.

If you're considering a kitchen remodeling project to prepare for the holidays, summer is the perfect time to get started. The weather is excellent, and Barbecuing is a nice option for keeping the family fed while your kitchen is down. While the process can be long and disruptive, remember to keep the end goal in sight! At the end of the process, you'll be able to prepare holiday meals for the entire family in your beautiful, functional new kitchen!

If you're planning to remodel a kitchen in the greater Tuscaloosa or Birmingham areas and would like it finished in time for the holidays, give the experts at Toulmin Cabinetry & Design a call at (205) 366 - 0807. Let us help you create your dream kitchen in time to entertain for the holidays!

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