Range Hood Design Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation

Range Hood Ideas: Ventilation With Style

Kitchen appliances have been getting sleeker and more eye-catching in recent years, and range hoods are no exception. Your range hood is an essential functional element of your kitchen and can also serve as a focal point, or even a “style-defining” part of your kitchen design. 

Today, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to type, design, and materials for your range hood. Whether you're looking to make a statement or want your range hood to blend into your design, hood manufacturers have created products to meet any need.

Here are some stylish range hood design ideas for your kitchen remodel that will meet your aesthetic and functional needs!

Types of Vented Range Hoods

While there are dozens of designs and styles to choose from, almost all range hoods fall into one of five categories. They are:

• Under Cabinet/ Concealed Hoods – These are installed under the cabinets above your range. They save a lot of space and leave room for additional storage or a beautiful backsplash.

• Wall Mount/ Chimney Hoods – These are standalone units that attach to the wall when there are no cabinets above the stove. They typically do not reach to the ceiling and can be designed to match the cabinetry in the Kitchen.

• Island Hoods – These attach to the ceiling and are used above a cooktop on an island or peninsula. Island hoods use a chimney to ventilate exhaust.

• Downdraft Hoods – These are typically located at the back of the stove or between the burners. Often these systems are integrated into the range or cooktop and are not considered “true” range hoods. They are typically used to save space or keep the lines of the kitchen open. Many are retractable and stored out of sight when not in use.

• Mantle Hoods – These range hoods are custom designed to integrate with your surrounding cabinetry. They are designed to complement the architecture of the kitchen and add a focal point. A mantle hood is a great way to make a statement while not sacrificing the space that you typically lose on either side of a freestanding chimney hood.

Almost all range hoods will fit into one of these five styles. The style you ultimately choose will be determined by your aesthetic desires and kitchen style. Your designer can help you to select the right hood style for your project.

Range Hood Materials

While custom hoods can be made of a wide variety of materials, range hoods are typically constructed out of three primary materials. Both the design of the range hood and the material it is made from will affect the overall look of your kitchen. 

Wood Range Hoods

These are typically designed to match the cabinetry in your kitchen and blend into the design perfectly. They can be finished in natural wood for a rustic, or traditional look, or can be painted to match the cabinet finish. A beautifully crafted wood range hood can become the focal point of your kitchen design and add a warm, rich and luxurious feel to the kitchen. 

Metal Range Hoods

Metal hoods can run the gamut from the contemporary sleekness of stainless steel to the refined elegance of antique brass. Mixing metals for range hoods is gaining tons of traction in the design world. Your designer can help you to choose the proper metal and finish to meet your overall kitchen style. Metal range hoods can set the style for your entire kitchen.

Stucco or Sheet Rock Hoods

There a growing trend in the industry right now towards less decorative hoods in the kitchen. Typically these are created using framed sheetrock or stucco. They're explicitly designed to blend into the surrounding architecture of the kitchen. Sheetrock range hoods can be subtly designed to enhance the overall lines of the kitchen.

Range Hood Styles

Here at Toulmin Cabinetry and Design, there are three main styles of range hoods that our clients typically include in their remodeling projects. Some have a contemporary design that helps them blend into the cabinetry, while others steal the show by becoming the aesthetic centerpiece of our kitchen design. It really depends on the vision and needs of the client. 

Here's some information on the three types of range hoods we install most often.

1. Chimney Style Hood

Chimney hoods have a canopy over the range with an internal fan to catch fumes, steam and smells and then pump them up the chimney to the ceiling and into a vent. A chimney hood can be either wall mounted above a range where there are no cabinets or installed as a free-standing unit above a kitchen island. 

Chimney hoods are among the most stylish options available and often can serve as a focal point of the kitchen. As seen in the examples, chimney style hoods come in a wide variety of both wood or metal versions. They can be finished to match the cabinets, or in a contrasting color as a design statement.

2. Mantle Style Hoods

A mantle style hood typically connects to the upper kitchen cabinets on one or both sides. They are usually made out of wood and are often finished to blend into the cabinetry to “disappear” into the kitchen design. 

As you can see in the image, the cabinets on either side of the hood are attached, and the design and finish of the hood match the cabinetry giving the overall look of extending the cabinets.

3. Under-Cabinet / Concealed Style

Under-cabinet range hoods are often left as exposed metal. The range hood is attached to the upper cabinets and typically vents straight into the wall allowing for extra storage over the hood fixture. They are an excellent choice if you can't afford to lose the cabinet space and are one of the most popular styles on the market. 

Concealed range hoods are in the “under-cabinet” family, but they are typically finished in sheetrock and designed to blend into the wall, for example, if the stove is built “into” the wall of your kitchen, a concealed hood is installed over the range. It's a very sleek look that's entirely at home in modern or contemporary kitchen design.

These are the range hood styles most often requested by our clients, and as you can see, each has unique design qualities that can help you to define your style. With a wide variety of materials and styles available, work with your designer or design-build contractor to narrow your choices. Whether you're looking to make a statement, create a visual focal point in your kitchen, or conceal your ventilation to keep the lines of your kitchen sleek and modern, there's a range hood style and material that's perfect for you.
If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project, and you live in the greater Tuscaloosa, Alabama area give the experts at Toulmin Cabinetry and Design a call. Our expert designers can help you to achieve your creative vision and to achieve your dream kitchen.