Wallpaper Ideas: Making a Statement with Wallpaper When Remodeling

Tips on Choosing Wallpaper That Makes A Statement

Wallpaper was first invented in the late 19th century, and by the early 20th, it was one of the most popular home decorating options across the Western world! Many of us have memories of visiting Grandma's house and sitting in the wallpaper clad dining room for Sunday dinner. 

In the early 20th century, wallpaper was a way to introduce an “upper class” element into the average home. It stayed in favor through the 1930's and 40's and could be found somewhere in almost every home. By the 1950's tastes had begun to change as we entered the modern age. “Rocket” furniture and the clean, sleek lines of mid-century modern design lessened wallpaper's popularity as natural elements like wood and stone entered the design lexicon. 

The 1960's brought us “mod” style wallpaper which fit in with the social elements of the times. It signified the end of the first wave of wallpaper's popularity. Homeowners who bought in the 1980's and 90's did all they could to remove any wallpaper in their home and moved toward painted walls, contemporary furniture, and neutral palettes. 

Enter today and Wallpaper is back, and the trend is growing and for a good reason! Today there are more options than ever before, and there are plenty of benefits to using paper in your home instead of paint. It's not your Grandmother's wallpaper! Let's look at some of the newest trends in wallpaper and why it can be a great design choice in your home.

So, Why Wallpaper?

When it comes to covering imperfections, nothing is more effective than wallpaper. This is especially beneficial if you live in an older home that has plaster or imperfect drywall walls. Unlike your Grandmother's wallpaper which needed to be steamed and scraped to be removed, today, wallpaper is easy to remove, and that's just the beginning.

Compared to regular paint, wallpapers come in a vast variety of patterns and designs allowing you to customize your design. While wallpapers can cost more than paint initially, it's actually extremely cost-effective. Today's high-quality wallpapers can stay up on the wall for fifteen years or more.

Wallpaper is a flexible option, and there are several choices, for example, if you're applying it in the kitchen, you'll want a stain resistant type to make clean-up easy. For the kid's room or in a playroom or nursery, you need one that can stand up to scrubbing. In the bathroom, you'll want a moisture resistant type. In general, there are three different kinds of wallpapers, they are:

• Pre-pasted – These are pre-coated with adhesive. That means you won't need paste when applying it. All you need is a little water or pre-paste activator, and you're in business.

• Non-pasted – Also called “dry-back” wallpapers. These require applying adhesive when sticking it to the wall. A tip – use the paste that's recommended by the manufacturer for best results.

• Self-Adhesive – As the name suggests, self-adhesive wallpapers have their own adhesive and do not require an activator. Self-adhesive wallpapers are much like stickers; each sheet has its own individual backing which is removed to install the paper.

As you can see, wallpaper has come a long way over its 150+ year history. Today, designers and homeowners are embracing this wall covering to create unique, personal designs.

Using Wallpaper in Your Design

Today, homeowners and designers are using wallpaper in new creative ways that go a bit beyond covering every square inch of the room. Of course, that's not to say that wallpapering an entire room isn't the right approach. For example, using a big bold print in the whole living room is definitely a statement, and in many cases the perfect look for your home, designers are using it in creative ways.

Today, you'll see exciting wallpaper used to create a feature wall in the home. Whether it's a textured print in the bathroom or an accent wall in the dining area adding an interesting pattern to your space can help to define your design. 

Some designers and homeowners are even taking the bold step of using wallpaper as a ceiling treatment. It's a real eye-catching way to incorporate wallpaper into your interior design. With so many options for patterns, and styles covering the ceiling can set the tone for your wildest design ideas!

Wallpaper Trends to Consider

With ultra-chic prints, dimensional fabrics and new materials that mimic contemporary art, you have more way than ever before to show off your personal style in some truly dramatic ways, while sticking to your budget! The hottest trends in the coming years include botanical prints, geometric patterns, and metallic finishes. 

• Big Floral Patterns

They're back, and they're big! Big floral patterns can create an extraordinary atmosphere, give character to any living space and come in a wide range of styles to fit into any décor from classic to contemporary. With a wide range of choices from large-scale floral prints to old-school vintage inspired botanicals, you'll find the perfect pattern to meet your style whether your tastes run toward fancy, powerful, delicate, exuberant or subtle patterns.  

• Symmetrical Shapes, Minimalist Design

Geometric patterns with new symmetrical shapes and minimalist, clean lines can introduce dimension and order into your design. Bold and attractive these patterns draw the eye and achieve a delicate balance creating a visual interest without overwhelming the design. Geometrics work as accent walls or can create a bold statement when used in an entire room. When it comes to geometric patterns, scale is an important consideration. Make sure to scale the pattern to fit the space and let the room guide the color. Consider a full range of choices from sophisticated neutrals like black and gray, to lively bold colors like red and orange. A geometric style is perfect if you're seeking a modern, minimalist or abstract interior design.

• Bright Bold Metallics

Bright, bold metallics can add a layer of luxury to your design. They're more durable than most wallpapers and stay beautiful for longer. Metallics are a perfect way to add a sleek and elegant look making them ideal for formal spaces like the dining room or foyer, but they're really flexible enough to work in almost any room in your home. Because they tend to make a bold statement, when it comes to metallics, less is more. In a large room, use metallics to create an accent wall as a focal point. If you have a smaller room, like a home office, metallics can reflect natural light more evenly throughout the room making it feel larger and more open. 

Wallpaper is back in a big way! Here at Toulmin Cabinetry and Design, our team is on top of the trend and ready to help you spice up your home's interior design with a creative approach to wall coverings. We carry the full line of papers from York & Schumacher. If you're interested in learning more and would like to see the beautiful options available, give us a call for a free consultation. We've been helping our clients in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area to achieve their creative vision and create their ideal home and we can help you too!