Top Five Window And Door Trends For Alabama Homeowners

Up Your Home's Curb Appeal With These Five Top Window and Door Trends!

When it comes to your home's curb appeal, your windows and doors can provide you with a design element that can help to define your style. Paying attention to your choices can go a long way toward bringing light into your home, or adding a contemporary twist to the exterior of your home. 

Beautiful doors and windows can not only improve your home's curb appeal; they can increase its value as well! Here are five window and door trends making an impact in home's today that will continue to trend strongly in the coming years!

Wall of Glass

Glass walls are big both as dividers inside the home and as a way to bring the outdoors in. Today, Sierra Pacific is offering homeowners incredible options when it comes to fully load-bearing, glue-laminated wood beams that can create an all wood-interior with their Timber Curtain Walls. With clean straight lines that let in plenty of light while framing the beautiful exterior views, glass walls can meet or exceed today's high-efficiency energy standards.

Interior glass walls allow you to maintain the light, airy open floor plans so popular with homeowners, while still offering a sense of privacy when needed. Opening your home to the outdoors with exterior glass walls can add a modern contemporary flair to your home design and flood your home with natural light.

Create a Dramatic Entrance

Your home's entryway should be inviting to your guests and transmit your personal style as they arrive. Creating a dramatic entryway is a growing trend that can set the tone. Whether it's a new front door with sidelights or a refinished antique door with character and charm, your entryway is often the first experience guests have with your home.

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One trend that has grown in recent years is creating a bold, modern design by using a Pivot Door for your front entry. Pivot doors are engineered to float inside their frame on a set of pins in the top and bottom of the door panel. These doors offer clean lines, a simple form, and high function that makes them stand apart from the typical entry door. If you're looking to make a modern design statement, a pivot door is a perfect way to start.

Window and Door Trends: Textured Exterior Finishes

Today, exterior clad finishes are available in a wide range of colors and textures. Sierra Pacific offers a wide range of unique colors and finishes that make a statement including “Cajun Spice,” and “Pesto.” Another excellent eye-grabbing finish is called Peppered Steel.

Peppered steel is a modern industrial finish that gives a home a high-end, modern design look of steel and blends in with almost any architectural style of home. It's a great way to add a design detail to your home's exterior that will up its curb appeal. Plus, steel is durable and will last for decades.

Open Your Home to the Outdoors With “Vanishing Doors”

One of the hottest design trends out there is the ability to make walls disappear entirely! This is a door design trend that's worth looking into! You can completely transform your living space with open, completely unobstructed views through a wide range of available sizes, configurations, and design options using new products like lift and slide pocket doors.

These multi-pane sliding doors are designed using advanced technology and are built to provide you with years of worry-free service. Typically, they slide in one direction into a pocket in the wall or split around a 90-degree corner to completely disappear, creating a stunning openness and seamless transition between inside living and your outside space.

Contemporary Styling with Narrow Sightlines

Casement and awning windows can anchor a modern design by incorporating industrial elements into your home. Using narrower windows paired with beautiful contemporary hardware can frame a more picturesque view of the outdoors. By using a dark frame – like Sierra Pacific's Ultra Coal Black finish, you can add a modern look to your home. It's like having functional, beautiful “living art” on your walls.

Your home's windows and doors can enhance its curb appeal, improve functionality, and add value. Today's hottest window and door design trends focus on improving your home's livability and beauty. Modern windows and doors are made to the highest levels of energy efficiency and can even lower your utility bills.

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