What Is LVT? Is Luxury Vinyl Tile Right For A Kitchen And Bath?

EVERLIFE™ LVT Flooring: Image Courtesy of  MSI

EVERLIFE™ LVT Flooring: Image Courtesy of MSI

Luxury Vinyl Tile - LVT is a Durable, Beautiful Material

Today, homeowners have more choices than ever before in terms of materials like flooring. Manufacturers using the latest imaging technology are creating lines of luxury vinyl tile which uses 3D printing to add depth and realism and a high-performance wearlayer to a vinyl tile product. 

So what exactly is “luxury” vinyl tile, and is it the right choice for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling? Let's look at some of the options available, some of the major properties of LVT and how to choose the right one for your next project.

Luxury Vinyl Tile: It's Not Your Parents Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile has gotten a bad rap in years past. It was certainly adequate and sometimes stylish, but it was still considered a low end finish. Today, technology has given manufacturers the ability to produce a high-quality, durable, multi-layer product that is flexible, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable.

LVT gives homeowners a great look, but it also offers the option of a less permanent floor than hardwood or ceramic, especially as floating LVT floors gain in popularity. Wood or ceramic is a more permanent commitment, so it's important to really love the material since it's probably going to be in your home for a long time. LVT offers the option of changing the look of a room much easier.

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Not only is LVT aesthetically beautiful, but it also has many of the qualities that homeowners look for in flooring material. It's incredibly resistant to dents, water, and moisture damage, heat, and more. It's a great choice if you're looking for durability. In fact, many types of LVT offer built-in soundproofing, and it's environmentally friendly because it doesn't contain harmful chemicals like VOCs.

LVT is Designed to Mimic Natural Materials

By using 3D Printing technology, manufacturers are producing LVT that emulates high-end materials like hardwood and stone without the cost of these natural materials. LVT is created by fusing several layers under high heat and pressure.

The layers include a vinyl backing, vinyl core, a printed layer with your choice of design, and a protective layer that keeps your tile looking new while protecting the design. The type of protective coating and the thickness of the layer determines the overall quality and durability of the product. Some even use a sublayer of cork, making LVT an excellent choice for reducing sound transference, making your home quiet and comfortable.

With LVT, you not only get a product that looks great, but it also lasts for years, and comes in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to fit any décor.

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile in the Kitchen and Bath

With LVT, you get the beauty of natural flooring products, with ultra-realistic looking textures and colors that not only has the right look but also has the feel like the real thing. If you're considering a sophisticated look, or a complicated pattern like diagonal designs, or parquet, LVT is an easy way to achieve that look.

For high traffic areas like the kitchen and bath, LVT is more durable than natural materials, moisture resistant, and there's less wear than a natural material like hardwood. LVT makes it easier to clean, and it's more damage resistant than hardwood or ceramics. Plus you'll never need to refinish your LVT.

Bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, workrooms, and laundry rooms can all benefit from waterproof LVT flooring. Some homeowners say that luxury vinyl tile is warmer underfoot than tile or hardwood and LVT is compatible with underfloor heating systems so you can enjoy the luxurious benefit of stepping onto a heated bathroom floor first thing in the morning.

Don't mistake luxury vinyl tile for cheap laminate flooring. LVT has a more durable vinyl core that resists warping, buckling and is waterproof. But, beyond the quality and durability it offers, LVT can give you a high-quality product with a natural look that will beautify your home and give you years of performance and enjoyment.

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