Walk In Pantry Ideas for Your Custom Kitchen Remodel and Design

Tips on designing the perfect walk in pantry for your kitchen

Nothing is as convenient as having a big beautiful pantry in your kitchen. Like many things, the pantry fell out of favor after World War Two as “modern” kitchens with plenty of cabinets and the convenience of the local market made the pantry, like the root cellar, no longer necessary.

Today, we've come full circle and pantries are back in style in a big way! In fact, a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that a kitchen pantry was the number one feature wanted by new home buyers. A well-stocked pantry is the centerpiece of today's kitchen. It's a convenient place to store groceries and should be easily accessible, large enough to hold at least a weeks worth of groceries and convenient to the kitchen triangle making food preparation easier.

Let's explore some design ideas for adding a functional walk in pantry into your kitchen remodeling plans!

Planning Your Walk In Pantry

A well-designed pantry requires some thought and pre-planning before you build the first shelf! If you are doing a gut remodel of your kitchen, you have options that you may not have if remodeling your existing space. Generally, a walk in pantry is usually created from a small space or existing closet that is repurposed. In a new home or complete remodels, pantries today often include cabinet space, counter tops, and if large enough, cold storage like an extra refrigerator or freezer.

When planning your ideal walk in pantry, before you start, ask and answer some important questions about its placement, it's use and your lifestyle. Here are some things to consider, and some useful design tips to help you plan your new walk in pantry!

How will you use the space?

Do you only want a dry storage pantry to store snacks for the kids, breakfast cereals, and staples, or are you looking for more of a prep space with counters, cabinets, open shelves and a freezer? Creating a functional space starts with defining how you will use the space.

Which way will the door open?

It might seem like a silly consideration, but when planning your pantry, it's important to consider the flow of your kitchen space. Ideally, the pantry will be close to the food preparation area. If space is at a premium, a sliding door can be a useful option. If space is not an option, an outward opening door allows for more shelf space, but make sure that it doesn't impede the flow of the room!

Don't forget to add proper lighting!

Poor lighting in the pantry can make it difficult to work in or find what you're looking for! If your pantry is built on an outside wall, consider adding a window to let in natural light. If you live in a ranch style home, consider a skylight. If you do have to install lighting, make sure it's in an easily accessible place near the pantry door.

Can you easily access the upper shelves?

Nothing is as impressive, or as functional as floor to ceiling storage in a walk in pantry. That is of course if you can access the items on the upper shelves! If your pantry is large enough consider adding a ladder on a sliding rail and store infrequently used items on high shelves. If your pantry is smaller, hang a folding step on the wall for access.

Luxury Materials are Unnesacery in Your Walk in Pantry

A walk in pantry needs to be functional, but because it's behind a closed door you can use less expensive materials with a finish that compliments the rest of your kitchen design. Butcher block countertops and open shelving are an economical example of a sturdy alternative to more expensive options like Quartz countertops. Consider forgoing custom cabinetry in favor of solid construction but less expensive cabinets.

Don't forget special features and large storage cubbies!

When planning the space, you can incorporate special features that are useful like wine racks, pull out baskets for root vegetables, spice racks, and space for large platters. Consider adding some larger cubbies to store appliances, dishes, and pans in the pantry to free up cabinet space in the kitchen.

A well-designed walk in the pantry can add functionality to your kitchen and value to your home when it's time to sell. Consider your lifestyle, space, and needs when planning your walk in pantry. At Toulmin Cabinetry and Design we're experts at planning and building custom cabinetry to help you create your dream pantry. If you're thinking of adding a pantry to your existing kitchen or planning a kitchen remodel give us a call! We've been helping our Alabama customers design the perfect kitchen storage solutions, and we can help you too!


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